Thin Air by Michelle Paver

Michelle Paver wrote a superb ghost story in Dark Matter, an incredibly creepy novel set in the Arctic in the 1930s.
This novel, Thin Air, strikes a similar tone, only this time it details a fateful  Himalayan expedition.
Paver beautifully invests the novel with an unsettling sense of isolation. The real strength of the writing – and the way it most succeeds as a ghost story – is the subtle and understated manner of the prose. The disturbing moments benefit from Paver’s lack of melodrama. The writing is incredibly effective and there are scenes that chill the blood, even if read during the day. It isn’t particularly bloody or violent, and, again, this works in the novel’s favour.
If you are looking for a decent period ghost story, offering something very  different, you’d do well to pick this up. Highly recommended.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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