It’s been a while since I’ve had chance to update my blog (due to my personal life taking a priority for the past year or so) but I jut wanted to update things to reflect that my second short story collection, MURMURED IN DREAMS, was published in 2019 by the lovely people at Luna Press Publishing, based in Edinburgh.

This book collects together 17 of my stories published over the last few years, together with two original tales. Priya Sharma, one of my favourite writers (and a very good friend) was kind enough to provide an introduction, and the wonderful cover art was created by the incredibly talented Ben Baldwin.

You can purchase it from the Luna Press website here.

Cuckoo Spit (originally published in Black Static 27 edited by Andy Cox)

None So Blind (originally published in Shadows & Tall Trees 3 edited by Michael Kelly)

Apports (Black Static 36 edited by Andy Cox, reprinted in Best Horror of the Year 6 edited by Ellen Datlow)

Lord of the Sand (The 11th Black Book of Horror edited by Charles Black, reprinted in Best Horror of the Year 8)

Somewhere On Sebastian Street (Horror For Good edited by Mark C Scioneaux, RJ Cavender and Robert S Wilson)

Bandersnatch (Black Static 48 edited by Andy Cox)

Fear of the Music (Something Remains: A Tribute to Joel Lane edited by Peter Coleborn and Pauline Dungate)

The Summer of Bradbury (Terror Tales of Yorkshire edited by Paul Finch)

The Devil’s Only Friend (Horror Uncut edited by Joel Lane and Tom Johnstone)  

Pennyroyal (original)   

Husks (Murmurations An Anthology of Uncanny Stories About Birds edited by Nicholas Royle)

The Children of Medea (original)

What Grief Can Do (Crimewave edited by Andy Cox)

The Ivory Teat (The First Book of Classical Horror Stories edited by D F Lewis)

Double Helix (Ill at Ease 2 edited by Mark West)

Happy Sands (Postscripts edited by Nick Gevers)  

Rapid Eye Movement (Fear the Reaper edited by Joe Mynhardt)

The Cambion (Cemetery Dance 72 edited by Richard Chizmar)       

It Came From the Ground (Darkest Minds edited by Ross Warren and Anthony Watson)

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