The Cutting Room – Dark Reflections of the Silver Screen edited by Ellen Datlow

The editor Ellen Datlow has long been an indicator that the anthology you are about to read is going to be a good one. She has been editing in the speculative fiction industry for many years. The Cutting Room is a great example of why she is so good at her job.
Not only does this book contain a great array of stories, it’s the way the stories fit together that also complements the overall reading experience. I’m one of those readers who prefer to start at the beginning with an anthology or a collection and work my way through from front to back. I do this because I think there is usually some thought about which stories go in which order and I want to take advantage of the editor’s thought process behind this.
The theme of The Cutting Room is film. It’s a rather tenuous theme, but that’s to the advantage of the book, as it means there’s a variety to the stories that prevents them being too similar. This anthology contains some of my favourite writers – Dennis Etchison, Peter Straub, David Morrell, Gemma Files, Nicholas Royle, Joel Lane, Gary McMahon – so it was not likely to disappoint.
It’s fair to say that there are some great tales included (not all of them horror). This is one I could recommended without a second’s hesitation.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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