A Year of Exile


I’ve been away for over a year but it’s finally time to return! I’ve had very little opportunity to update this site for the past 12 months but I am now hoping to keep up to a steady schedule. I’m sure you missed me.

The most recent bit of information is that in the last month the very final edition of POSTSCRIPTS was published by PS Publishing, those wonderful people over on the east coast at Hornsea. My story, Happy Sands, sits in this lovely volume, alongside some greats from all the speculative genres. Here’s the full table of contents –

  • Robert Freeman Wexler  Darkness, and Darkness
  • James Cooper  S.K.
  • Allen Ashley  A Reverie of Time
  • Robert Guffey The Wedding Photographer
  • Andrew Jury  Machinists
  • John Grant  The Second Runner
  • Lisa L. Hannett  Surfacing
  • Robert Reed  In Passing
  • Darrell Schweitzer  The Dragons of the Night
  • Robert Edric  Last Post
  • James Cooper  Texas
  • John Gribbin  Untanglement: The Leaving of the Quantum Cats
  • Paul Di Filippo  Karen Coxswain, or, Death as She is Truly Lived
  • Keith Brooke  Rewrites
  • John Grant  Everything Finishes
  • Andrew Hook  The Day My Heart Stood Still
  • Gary Fry  Madam, I’m Adam
  • Cate Gardner  In the Macabre Theatre of Nightshade Place
  • Stephen Bacon  Happy Sands
  • Scott Edelman  The Man Without the Blue Balloon and the Woman Who Had Smiles Only for Him
  • Bruce Golden  Blesséd
  • Darrell Schweitzer   The Hutchison Boy
  • Brian Aldiss  Abundances Above
  • Lavie Tidhar  The Beachcomber

So as you can see, there’s some major talent involved. And the book itself is a thing of beauty. My story is a slice of extremely dark sci-fi set in the near future, and featuring aspects of artificial intelligent gone wrong.



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