Back from the dead…


Cemetery Dance 72

At long last I have returned. Apologies for the radio silence, which I notice was well over a year. Just thought I’d pop back with a quick catch-up.


The last year has been a very difficult one from a writing perspective. I’ve been busy working on Laudanum Nights. For some of the time at least. It’s fair ro say that at times I wasn’t sure if I’d ever finish anything ever again. My confidence was at rock bottom, my productivity was at an all-time low. In October last year TERROR TALES OF YORKSHIRE was published by Gray Friar Press. Edited by Paul Finch, this series of localised UK-based anthologies stand among my favourites in the genre. My story, THE SUMMER OF BRADBURY, features alongside some true giants of the British horror scene so I take great pleasure in appearing in this.


Then in November 2014 Gray Friar Press also published HORROR UNCUT! TALES OF SOCIAL INSECURITY AND ECONOMIC UNEASE, edited by Tom Johnstone and the late great Joel Lane. My story THE DEVIL’S ONLY FRIEND appears in this anthology of weird stories, all of which try to reflect the discord in the UK political scene of today.

And finally in February 2015 CEMETERY DANCE issue 72 was published. My story, THE CAMBION, sits alongside an uncollected tale from Stephen King no less, and several other fantastic writers.

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