Honourable Mentions…and some kind words about Peel Back the Sky

Ellen Datlow has published her gargantuan list of honourable mentions for stories that were published in 2012. I was pleased to see that 4 of mine were on the list – CUCKOO SPIT (from Black Static), SOMEWHERE ON SEBASTIAN STREET (from Horror For Good), GIRL AFRAID (from Peel Back the Sky) and DADDY GIGGLES (also from Peel Back the Sky). Obviously, NONE SO BLIND was also selected for inclusion in the book so it marks 5 of my short stories to be honoured – a highpoint in my writing so far. Last year I had 2 stories on the list, and 4 the previous year.

Ellen also had some nice things to say about my debut collection in her summation to Best Horror of the Year 5 – “Peel Back the Sky by Stephen Bacon (Gray Friar Press) is this promising new-comer’s first collection and features fifteen stories reprinted from mostly small press magazines and websites and six originals. He’s a writer to keep an eye on.

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3 Responses to Honourable Mentions…and some kind words about Peel Back the Sky

  1. Mario Guslandi says:

    Congratulations, well done!
    Of course I’m not familiar with your collection “Peel back the sky” since Gray Friar Press never sends out review copies to reviewers….

    • Steve Bacon says:

      Sorry to hear that, Mario. I’ll speak to my publisher to see if we can sort something out. Thanks for the kind words.

  2. markewest says:

    Nice one, Mr Bacon – you’re heading for the stratosphere, my friend!

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