For the Night is Dark

For the Night is Dark

FOR THE NIGHT IS DARK edited by Ross Warren has now been released by Crystal Lake Publishing. Featuring 20 original stories from some of the best new writers in the genre (and me), it comes complete with a gorgeous Ben Baldwin artwork. Here is the table of contents –

His Own Personal Golgotha – G. N. Braun
21 Brooklands: Next to Old Western, Opposite the Burnt Out Red Lion – Carole Johnstone
The River – Armand Rosamilia
God May Pity All Weak Hearts – Daniel I. Russell
… Darker with the Day – Scott Nicholson
In the Darkest Room in the Darkest House on the Darkest Part of the Street – Gary McMahon
Till Death – Joe Mynhardt
On a Midnight Black Chessie – Kevin Lucia
Father Figure – Tracie McBride
Room to Thrive – Stephen Bacon
Hungry is the Dark – Benedict J. Jones
Eternal Darkness – Blaze McRob
This Darkness . . . – John Claude Smith
Lost and Found – Tonia Brown
Mr Stix – Mark West
A Snitch in Time – Robert W. Walker
Shade – Jeremy C. Shipp
How the Dark Bleeds – Jasper Bark
Don’t Let the Dark Stop You Shining – William Meikle
Where the Dark is Deepest – Ray Cluley

The cost is £4.11 for the Kindle edition and that version is available through Amazon here

and the print version is £9.50 and that version is available from Amazon here.

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