Murmurations eBook


On the off chance that you received a Kindle (or other eReader) for Christmas, I’d just like to point out that Two Ravens Press has released Murmurations in an electronic format. You can get it from their website here for £3.99 or from Amazon for £4.99.


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3 Responses to Murmurations eBook

  1. I got the “real book” version of this. It’s a very eclectic collection with a lot of “literary” stories but Husks was definitely a standout, a beautifully written, highly emotional story.

  2. Steve Bacon says:

    Thanks again, Anthony, for the kind words. Husks is one of my favourites of anything I’ve written.

  3. I’m currently enjoying this book. I will skip ahead to Husks having read the comments above but so far I’ve enjoyed the lot.

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