The Monster Book For Girls is released


Terry Grimwood, editor of The Monster Book For Girls, in which my story THE TRAUMA BOOK appears, has announced that it is now available to order. You can click here to visit the Exaggerated Press website and purchase a copy for £8.99. Boasting a stunning cover by Steve Upham, here’s a list of the contents in case you need any other reason to snag one.

Young Ladies, Beware by Allen Ashley
Real Celebrity by Rachel Kendall
Escaping the Mirror by Farah Ghuznavi
Mother’s Pride by Gary Fry
A Story of Love by Marc Lyth
Dancing the Skies by Ian Sales
Frustrated Fran by Kat Fullerton
Take Me Home by Kat Fullerton
Turning by Shay Darrach
Sarah’s “to do” List by Samantha Porter
She lives in the deep by Rosanne Robinowitz
Breaking the Spell by Stuart Young
Razor Voices by Kelly Rose Pflug-Black
Botched by Lorraine Slater
Monster Girl by Andrew Hook
Monster by Nicole Papaioannou
My New Pony by Derek John
Getting Warm by Gary McMahon
The Woman by Tony Lovell
Think Belsen by Terry Grimwood
The Trauma Book by Stephen Bacon
Don’t give me that face by Sarah Hillary
The Spirit Level by Sarah Hillary
Rosemary by Mark Howard Jones
Young Woman, Menaced by Spider by Jamie Rosen
Tequila Mockingbird by John Travis
Alison, Alone by John Forth
Sacrament by Regina de Burca
Spiral by David Rix

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