Alt Dead is released

Alt Dead (Hersham Horror Books) edited by Peter Mark May has been published and is available from the following outlets – for the print version – $11.22

or for print – £6.99 for the Kindle version – £2.13

And here is the table of contents –

Shape Without Form, Shade Without Colour  – Stephen Bacon

Till Death Do Us Part – Stuart Young

Everybody Floats – Gary McMahon

Last Supper – Dave Jeffery

Mr Huxton Goes Camping – Mark West

Running With the Dead – Zach Black

In Bits – R J Gaulding

The Clinic – Jan Edwards

The Shufflers – Steven Savile and Steve Lockley

The Z Cruise – Katherine Tomlinson

Fisher of Men – Adrian Chamberlin

The Men in High Castles – Ian Woodhead

Unfinished Business – Stuart Hughes

A Real Buried Treasure – Stuart Neild

Talk Show – Richard Farren Barber

The Jacket – Johnny Mains


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1 Response to Alt Dead is released

  1. Another cracking story Stephen, I really liked it and it thoroughly deserved pole position in the book.

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