8th Black Book Cover…and an acceptance

Just wanted to give you a sneak peek at the cover of The Eighth Black Book of Horror, edited by Charles Black and due to be published by Mortbury Press later in the year. The artwork is by the wonderfully talented Paul Mudie, who has completed all the covers for the Black Books. I’m the grimacing dark haired one that’s looking to the left. Even though I haven’t yet seen the complete lineup, I recognise many of my fellow writers, so I’m delighted to have the appearance celebrated in such a macabre way. My story Home By the Sea will be published in this anthology.

I also wanted to mention that my story THE TRAUMA BOOK has been accepted for publication in the forthcoming anthology The Monster Book For Girls edited by Terry Grimwood, to be released later in the year by the Exaggerated Press. More information as I get it.

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1 Response to 8th Black Book Cover…and an acceptance

  1. Robert Mammone says:

    It’s a lovely cover, one of the best I’ve seen for a long while. I assume the illustrator needed a photograph?

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