Nicholas Royle anthology

I’m unbelievably delighted to report that my story Husks is due to appear in an anthology of weird/Gothic bird stories, to be released next year. Edited by a writing hero of mine, Nicholas Royle, the book will be published by Two Ravens Press. I can’t begin to describe how chuffed I am with this acceptance; Nicholas Royle is one of my favourite authors, and possibly the main reason why I was drawn to dark fiction in the first place. Since I first read a story of his in Fear magazine back in the late 80s, I’ve loved almost everything he’s done, so it is a huge honour to be appearing in one of his books.

More information as I get it.

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5 Responses to Nicholas Royle anthology

  1. Mario says:

    Good news ideed for every horror fan!

  2. Michael Kelly says:


    Nicholas is also one of my favourite writers. I’ve never been disappointed in anything he’s written.

  3. Steve Bacon says:

    Thanks, guys, for looking and commenting.
    Mario, your support is much appreciated.
    Mike, looking forward to being in the book with you.

  4. Rob Mammone says:

    Stephen, that delightful picture at the top of the page; where is it from?

  5. Steve Bacon says:

    Rob, like all the artwork on my site, it’s by Les Edwards, and is used with his kind permission. I adore his work – you can see some of his stuff at
    The art in the header is called The Uglimen, and was done in his ‘Edward Miller’ style. It originally appeared on a Mark Morris novella cover for PS Publishing, and also on the cover of Weird Tales.
    The man is superb; a constant source of inspiration.

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