Dark Horizons 57

Hot on the heels on my forthcoming appearance in the anthology, DARK MINDS, comes the news that my story The Other Side of Silence will appear in the British Fantasy Society publication, DARK HORIZONS 57, edited by Stephen Theaker and Ian Hunter.  The stunning cover art is by Martin Hanford. Here is the table of contents –

  • Colonies by Jim Steel
  • Moonlight on the Northern Seas by Malcolm Laughton
  • The Other Side of Silence by Stephen Bacon
  • The Apocalypse Has Been Good to Us by Charlotte Bond
  • Resistance: a Love Story by Zachary Jernigan
  • and the articles –

    • Mark Charan Newton, interviewed by Louise Morgan
    • The Sign of the Unicorn’s Head: the Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series, Mike Barrett
    • Aliette de Bodard, interviewed by Jenny Barber
    • Catastrophia: Allen Ashley, interviewed by Stephen Theaker

    and some poetry –

    • TWTMC by Allen Ashley
    • Pretty Little Things, and Blood Pearls by J.R. Salling
    • Folded in Darkness by Graylin Fox
    • Circe Poisoning the Sea by Sarah Doyle
    • The Giftshop Off the Multiverse by Ian Hunter
    • Younger Gods by Roy Gray
    • Witnessing’s End by Alessio Zanelli
    • Addendum by Rick Coonrod

    and more artwork than ever before by –

  • Martin Hanford
  • John Shanks
  • Inna Hansen
  • Alf Klosterman (to accompany my story)
  • David Bezzina
  • and Les Edwards (whose cover artwork for Catastrophia is included)
  • The publication is available only if you’re a member of the BFS. What’s that? You’re not a member?! Why ever not? You can join by going here.

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