Nightjar Press

Just wanted to mention here how impressed I’ve been with the chapbooks that Nightjar Press have published. So far they’ve released ‘What Happens When You Wake Up in the Night‘ by Michael Marshall Smith (reprinted in Best Horror of the Year 2, and Best New Horror 21 soon) and Tom Fletcher‘s ‘The Safe Children‘ (honourable mention in Best Horror of the Year 2), Joel Lane‘s ‘Black Country‘ and ‘When the Door Closed, It Was Dark‘ by Alison Moore. The first two are now sold out, though I believe there’re copies of the latter two still available from the Nightjar Press website. As signed and numbered editions that cost only £3 each plus 30p postage (or 50p for two) I’d say they were remarkable value, given the quality of the fiction contained within. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all four of the chapbooks so far, and I was pleased to hear that the next two are due out early next month – Mark Valentine‘s ‘A Revelation of Cormorants‘ and RB Russell‘s ‘The Beautiful Room‘. Both these writers are among my favourites, so I think it’s time to hit the chequebook again!

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