Tales From the Smoking Room

I’m pleased to say that my story ‘The Strangled Garden’ is appearing in a zine called ‘Tales From the Smoking Room’, available for just £2 plus 50p postage by clicking here.

Edited by Benedict J Jones, it features 7 stories, all themed around the premise that they might be culled from the smoking room of a gentleman’s club from the Victorian or Edwardian era. Here is the table of contents –

Introduction by Benedict Jones

The Strangled Garden by Stephen Bacon

Room Three by Matthew Crossman

The Iron Ape by Mark Harding

The Decent Thing by VC Jones

Parlour Games by Mike Chinn

Serendipity by Trudi Topham

A Game of Billiards by Craig Herbertson

As soon as I get the cover, I’ll stick a scan of the artwork on here. But at £2.50 delivered, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better bargain anywhere.

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3 Responses to Tales From the Smoking Room

  1. Ross Warren says:

    Cracking tale mate, really enjoyed it! Congrats.

  2. Steve Bacon says:

    Thanks, Ross. I really appreciate that. I haven’t seen the end product yet, so I’m keen to read the other stories.

  3. Ross Warren says:

    Your’s was the standout of the issue for me, and the overall quality of the stories seemed high. Made me regret not finishing my tale in time to submit to Ben. It still resides half written in the ‘Works in Progress’ file which plays Goliath to ‘Placed Stories’s’ David.

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