CONE ZERO released

Finally got my contributor’s copies of CONE ZERO and I have to say it looks great. It’s a well-made book, quite heavy, with excellent production quality.

I’ve had a quick flick through the stories and it looks like the remit for submitting – loosely linked with the phrase ‘Cone Zero’ – has generated a wide variety of interpretation. I suspect there will be something for everyone in the tales; science fiction, horror, fantasy, and the blurred edges where genre overlaps.

Now I’ve seen the book, I have to say the price of £9 (including postage) is an absolute bargain. Click on the cover to the right to follow the link to purchase. You won’t regret it.

If you do buy a copy, I’d be delighted to hear your thoughts on the stories – including speculation towards which is mine.

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2 Responses to CONE ZERO released

  1. Hey man congrats on getting placed in this anthology, I thought about writing something for this but writing a few longer stories at once I didn’t have time (because of my doing the MC duties in April.) I am working on a few bizarre stories right now and one of them almost got in Weird Tales. It got turned down, they liked it but it didn’t quite fit.

    I always been a photographer, but I’ve been writing for a little bit longer than I’ve been a photographer. I was doing photography since 1993, but writing since 1990. I am still debating on the idea of doing wedding pictures too but I want to wait until I got a camera that I can change lenses on for a digital. I learned on a Minolta 35mm camera that I was able to change lenses on.

  2. Steve Bacon says:

    Thanks, Nick. I’m interested in photography too, but my interest by far outweighs my talent. Good luck with the writing and your work as an artist. If you can get into the wedding pictures gig, there’s a lot on money to be made. Best of luck with it.

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