CONE ZERO cover released

D F Lewis has just posted the cover for Nemonymous 8: Cone Zero.

It’s apt for the title of the book, and very striking. It should be published at the beginning of July.

If you click here, you can order the book. It’s priced £9 including postage in the UK. A bargain for what promises to be a fantastic book. There is also an offer on getting previous copies of Nemonymous at a great rate (highly recommended!)

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2 Responses to CONE ZERO cover released

  1. Congrats on getting into CONE ZERO. You can always depend on Des to put out a quality product annually. I also see Sean Parker and a couple of other names are up in the mix, too. Must be sure to pick this one up.


  2. stephenbacon says:

    Thanks, Lawrence. Yeah, I love all the previous Nemonymous books, so it’s a great honour to be included in the latest.

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