Black Static 45

My new short story, BANDERSNATCH, has been accepted by Andy Cox for publication in BLACK STATIC magazine. This one is a particularly dark tale, possibly almost sick, but one that I hope will disturb the reader in more way than one.

This marks my third appearance in the magazine, which remains one of the best publications available. The issue above is Black Static 45, the current one. My story is probably going to appear in the next issue. More information as I get it.

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PEEL BACK THE SKY digital version

Peel Back the Sky cover

I have recently signed a contract for a US publisher to put out my debut collection, PEEL BACK THE SKY, in a digital format – ie, Kindle version (and others). Hopefully this will bring the book to a much wider audience. Not sure whether it will still have exactly the same one as the print one; the publisher has secured the rights with original artist, Les Edwards, but the typeface is very likely to change.

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Back from the dead…


Cemetery Dance 72

At long last I have returned. Apologies for the radio silence, which I notice was well over a year. Just thought I’d pop back with a quick catch-up.


The last year has been a very difficult one from a writing perspective. I’ve been busy working on Laudanum Nights. For some of the time at least. It’s fair ro say that at times I wasn’t sure if I’d ever finish anything ever again. My confidence was at rock bottom, my productivity was at an all-time low. In October last year TERROR TALES OF YORKSHIRE was published by Gray Friar Press. Edited by Paul Finch, this series of localised UK-based anthologies stand among my favourites in the genre. My story, THE SUMMER OF BRADBURY, features alongside some true giants of the British horror scene so I take great pleasure in appearing in this.


Then in November 2014 Gray Friar Press also published HORROR UNCUT! TALES OF SOCIAL INSECURITY AND ECONOMIC UNEASE, edited by Tom Johnstone and the late great Joel Lane. My story THE DEVIL’S ONLY FRIEND appears in this anthology of weird stories, all of which try to reflect the discord in the UK political scene of today.

And finally in February 2015 CEMETERY DANCE issue 72 was published. My story, THE CAMBION, sits alongside an uncollected tale from Stephen King no less, and several other fantastic writers.

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Best Horror of the Year 6

I’m very thrilled to announce that my story Apports, which was published in Black Static last year, has been selected by Ellen Datlow for Best Horror of the Year 6. It’s a tale I’m very proud of, and was my second appearance in the UK’s premier horror magazine, edited by Andy Cox. Starting out under the title ‘The Allure of Oblivion’, its new name seemed to reflect a leaner, less-pretentious vibe, and I’m delighted it has found a platform to reach a wider audience. Here is the table of contents for Best Horror of the Year 6 –

Apports by Stephen Bacon (Black Static #36)
Mr. Splitfoot by Dale Bailey (Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells)
The Good Husband by Nathan Ballingrud (North American Lake Monsters)
The Tiger by Nina Allan (Terror Tales of London)
The House on Cobb Street by Linda E. Rucker (Nightmare #9 June)
The Soul in the Bell Jar by KJ Kabza (F&SF November/Dec)
Call Out by Stephen Toase (Innsmouth Magazine #12)
That Tiny Flutter of the Heart I Used to Call Love by Robert Shearman (Psycho-Mania)
Bones of Crow by Ray Cluley (Black Static #37)
Introduction to the Body in Fairy Tales by Jeannine Hall Gailey (Phantom Drift #3)
The Fox by Conrad Williams (This is Horror chapbook)
The Tin House by Simon Clark (Shadow Masters)
Stemming the Tide by Simon Strantzas (Dead North)
The Anatomist’s Mnemonic  by Priya Sharma (Black Static #32)
The Monster Makers by Steve Rasnic Tem (Black Static #35)
The Only Ending We Have by Kim Newman (Psycho-Mania)
The Dog’s Paw by Derek Künsken (Chilling Tales: In Words, Alas, Drown I)
Fine in the Fire by Lee Thomas (Like Light For Flies)
Majorlena by Jane Jakeman (Supernatural Tales 24)
The Withering  by Tim Casson (Black Static 32)
Down to a Sunless Sea  by Neil Gaiman (The
Jaws of Saturn by Laird Barron (The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All)
Halfway Home by Linda Nagata (Nightmare #12)
The Same Deep Waters as You by Brian Hodge (Weirder Shadows Over Innsmouth)

So as you can see, it promises to be a great book. I’m very excited to be sharing pages with so many fantastic writers. I’ll post more when I get the details, but the expected publication date is around June.

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New Stories

Just thought I’d throw a little note up to say that January seems to be progressing in a nice manner. I’ve recently had three stories accepted for forthcoming anthologies – all due out later this year, all of which I was invited to submit to. This type of thing usually adds an extra element of pressure because as well as agreeing to find the time to write the stories, I also feel obligated not to let down the respective editors; I’d hate to send something to them only for the story to be passed up as being not right for the book (that has happened before in the past). But I’m pleased to report that in this instance all 3 tales have managed to make the cut. More information as soon as I can announce it.

Now my short story commitments have been fulfilled, it allows me time to focus on my novella (provisionally called Laudanum Nights), which I hope to have finished sometime this Spring.

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Ill at Ease 2


It’s finally here! After a very prolonged road to publication, ILL AT EASE 2 is finally released to the world. Here is the table of contents –

Double Helix by Stephen Bacon
The Shuttle by Shaun Hamilton
Masks by Robert Mammone
One Bad Turn by Val Walmsley…
The Bureau of Lost Children by Mark West
Paradise Lost by Sheri White
There Shall We Ever Be by Neil Williams

The book is available from and and is available in paperbook and Kindle versions.

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Crimewave 12 – Hurts


CRIMEWAVE 12: HURTS will be shipping in early November by TTA Press. Featuring original crime short stories and novellas by Christopher Priest, Melanie Tem, Stephen Volk, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, James Cooper, Tim Lees, Danny Rhodes, Joel Lane, Janice Law, Steven J. Dines, Antony Mann, Stephen Bacon, Simon Avery, and Ray Cluley.
Available from the TTA website. Coming soon to Kindle and Amazon.

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Honourable Mentions…and some kind words about Peel Back the Sky

Ellen Datlow has published her gargantuan list of honourable mentions for stories that were published in 2012. I was pleased to see that 4 of mine were on the list – CUCKOO SPIT (from Black Static), SOMEWHERE ON SEBASTIAN STREET (from Horror For Good), GIRL AFRAID (from Peel Back the Sky) and DADDY GIGGLES (also from Peel Back the Sky). Obviously, NONE SO BLIND was also selected for inclusion in the book so it marks 5 of my short stories to be honoured – a highpoint in my writing so far. Last year I had 2 stories on the list, and 4 the previous year.

Ellen also had some nice things to say about my debut collection in her summation to Best Horror of the Year 5 – “Peel Back the Sky by Stephen Bacon (Gray Friar Press) is this promising new-comer’s first collection and features fifteen stories reprinted from mostly small press magazines and websites and six originals. He’s a writer to keep an eye on.

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Anatomy of Death

Anatomy of Death

In my haste to catch up on the last 3 months’ news, I forgot to mention that a superb mini anthology was released, one in which I contribute a tale. ANATOMY OF DEATH, brilliantly edited by Mark West was published by Hersham Horror Books, featuring 5 short stories harking back to the 70s/80s horror and sleaze boom in cinema and publishing. The other 4 contributors are superb writers, and I’m honoured to share space with them – Mark West, Stephen Volk, John Llewellyn Probert and Johnny Mains. The reviews so far have been very encouraging so I hope you’ll consider picking up a copy.

Amazon UK – print and Kindle

Amazon US – print and Kindle

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Black Static


I haven’t updated this site in over 3 months. That was very remiss of me, but it wasnt because I haven’t been busy. I have been busy. So this is a quick update of where things stand.

Firstly, it was great to hear from editor Andy Cox recently, who told me that my short story, APPORTS, would be published in (probably) the September issue of Black Static magazine. This is my second appearance in the fantastic British publication, and the first since it changed format to a smaller size. Needless to say I’m looking forward to it immensely. The tale is an extremely dark ghost story.

Secondly, I heard recently from Ellen Datlow, who advised me that The Best Horror of the Year 5 – in which my story NONE SO BLIND will be reprinted – has had its publication date pushed back to September. This is due to the takeover of Night Shade Books. Whilst its delay has been frustrating, at one point there seemed a very real possibility that, unless the new contracts could be agreed, the series would be cancelled. So I’m glad to see it has all been resolved and things should continue.

Thirdly, my latest story, RAPID EYE MOVEMENT, is due to be published in Joe Mynhardt’s Crystal Lake Publishing anthology, Fear the Reaper. There are some great writers involved in this project, too. I’ll post more information a little closer to the time.

Fourthly, I need to say that I’ve seen the artwork that is due to grace the cover of Crimewave 12, out soon from TTA Press. It’s a superb piece of work. My story, WHAT GRIEF CAN DO, will be published in it, alongside many wonderful award-winning writers (and many of my literary heroes).

Fifthly (is there even such a word?) my story DOUBLE HELIX will appear in the Ill at Ease 2 anthology, due out on 1st August. Published by Penman Press it will sit alongside stories from six other great writers – Shaun Hamilton, Robert Mammone, Val Walmsley, Mark West, Sheri White, and Neil Williams. Neil has done the stunning artwork. I’ll post a link as soon as I have it.

And finally I can report on something that I’m working on currently. It’s a novella that I long ago promised to write for Hersham Horror Books. The boss, Peter Mark May, has been unbelievably patient so far, and I finally feel confident enough to speak about it. So far it has the working title, LAUDANUM NIGHTS, and it’s  shaping up to be a crime/dark fantasy crossover set in a pseudo-Victorian city involving a kidnapped child, dolls that move by their own accord, and a mysterious fiend that never ages. More information once it develops.

I’ve also received invitations to contribute to several anthologies, all of which are due out next year. The temptation to try for these slots is too strong, so I’m working like crazy to make sure I give those submissions my best shot, as all three books are ones which I’d give my left eye to appear in. Again, more information as soon as I can talk about it. Still no news on when my story, THE CAMBION, will be appearing in Cemetery Dance, although they seem to be back on schedule so I expect it to be sometime next year.

And as a footnote I should add that my collection, PEEL BACK THE SKY, has got me nominated for Best Newcomer in the forthcoming British Fantasy Society Awards. Whilst I’m deeply honoured to be nominated, once you see the finalists you’ll see why I’m not holding my breath –

Alison Moore, for The Lighthouse (Salt Publishing)
Anne Lyle, for The Alchemist of Souls (Angry Robot)
E.C. Myers, for Fair Coin (Pyr)
Helen Marshall, for Hair Side, Flesh Side (ChiZine Publications)
Kim Curran, for Shift (Strange Chemistry)
Lou Morgan, for Blood and Feathers (Solaris)
Molly Tanzer, for A Pretty Mouth (Lazy Fascist Press)
Saladin Ahmed, for Throne of the Crescent Moon (Gollancz)
Stephen Bacon, for Peel Back the Sky (Gray Friar Press)
Stephen Blackmoore, for City of the Lost (Daw Books)

Like I say, what an honour – and I’m thrilled to be even mentioned in such company – but I won’t be holding my breath. Still, I feel it’s a great achievement. I’m very happy with the direction my writing is going and – after all is said and done – that is the only thing that matters.

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